Newshido Tasks

Congratulations! You have completed your Onboard Tasks for Lifebushido or as we like to reference them as the New Hire Tasks. You are now considered a Newshido with Lifebushido! Newshido status is in between New Hire and Ishido.In this phase you will begin to navigate through the our internal processes and become familiar with our systems and processes. The below tasks are common tasks that everyone at Lifebushido should know how to complete no matter what team you work on. We will navigate you through these tasks and you will have reference to access them in future as these are all tasks that you will complete monthly.

A Newshido works the next 3-6 months to complete 100 client billable hours to then apply for Ishido status.

Your speed of progress at Lifebushido is limited only by you! You can expect to be working anywhere between 5-25 hours a week, building up gradually over a period of 3-6 months based upon mutual goals and your unique talents. Once you have completed these tasks and the Lifebushido training you are eligible for team training and client billable hours

Newshido Mentors

  • Your Lifebushido Mentor shares their knowledge, skill and perspective to help you grow professionally, provide information and insight.
  • A Mentor is a motivator, teacher, coach and guide.
  • The Mentor/Mentee relationship is a valuable opportunity designed to help you move forward.
  • Your Mentor is here to help you find your niche during your first 100 hours, direct you in obtaining more billable hours, find the right mix of work within our Teams and apply for Ishido status.
  • It is imperative to maintain contact with your mentor, response time during this Newshido is crucial and should be maintained within a one business day.
  • Weekly Email
    • Be sure to continue with the weekly email to your mentor that you began in the New Hire Tasks as this is now a Newshido tasks Requirement
    • Replace Newshido in the subject line - so subject line should now read
      • Newshido - Weekly Update - Your name
    • You will use the same guidelines in the body of the email
    • Weekly update emails should be sent each week until you have reached Ishido Status

Task Purpose is to understand how to properly enter your Goal Actions inQuickBasefor invoicing and to receive payment for your completed billable Tasks.

  • Enter your First Goal Action
    • Your first goal action will be to submit the completed New Hire Tasks
    • Access Quickbase - Goal Actions
    • Select New Action
      • Person - Select your name from the drop down menu
      • Business - Lifebushido
      • Status - Select Completed from the drop down menu
      • Client - Select Lifebushido from the drop down menu
      • Work type - Select Ishido - learning from the drop down menu
      • Manager - Select the TL / Mentor that you will begin team training with at Lifebushido
      • Description - New Hire Tasks
      • Details
        • Print Checklist - 5
        • Verify QB Access - 5
        • Setup LB Signature - 5
        • Join Training List - 5
        • Day 1 through 5 Emails - 50
        • Completed Payroll Packet - 120
        • Completed LB Code - 10
        • New hire Packet mailed - 10
      • Date Started - Date you started the tasks
      • Hours Worked - 3.5
      • Date Ended - Date you completed the tasks
      • Save
  • Submit your GA to your accounting for approval
    • Locate the Goal Action you juts entered and Select View.
    • In the Upper Right Corner you will see a drop down tab that says “MORE”. Click on the little arrow pointing down and you will see several options.
    • Click the Print button.
    • Print as PDF file and name it Newshido - First Goal Action – FirstName LastName.
      • Learn how to download and use CutePDF or PDF995. Visit the websites and download either program. Both are FREE.
    • Once you have downloaded the pdf version of yourentrysend tofor approval that the GA was entered correctly. * To accounting@bestagentbusiness * cc your mentor and
      • Subject - Newshido- First Goal Action - YOUR NAME
      • Attach - PDF of your goal action
    • Accounting will send an email confirmation that the action was entered correctly
  • Once your entry is approved, immediately enter any other completed Tasks. This includes anything you may have completed for any other Team as well as this task which is billable for up to 15 minutes
Billable Task Time:15 minutes initial setup (first month only), 5 minutes each month thereafter
Submit Task to:N/A
Due Date:3 Days

This Task is required for all Newshidos/Ishidos.

  • You must complete this task within 3 days of receiving Newshido Congratulations email, Lifebushido: New Hire Package and Promotion to Newshido - Congratulations, from Steve.
  • You may complete this task as soon as you receive your Newshido Congratulations email from Talent TL but no later than 3 days after receiving Steve's email.
  • Then, each month when you receive email notification that Lifebushido has made your Payroll (Direct Deposit to checking account for US Ishidos or deposit to your PayPal account for Global Ishidos), you are required to complete an Ishido rating. A reminder is included in this email.
  • Visit QuickBase to complete this Task - a link to instructions appears at the top of the page.
  • For your convenience this is a direct link to the full instructions.
Billable Task Time:0 Minutes
Submit Task to:N/A
Due Date:5th of every Month

This Task is required for all Newshidos/Ishidos.

  • Each month when you receive email notification that Lifebushido has made a deposit to your account (Direct Deposit to checking account for US Ishidos or deposit to your PayPal account for Global Ishidos), you are required to update your Ishido Record in QuickBase.
  • Visit QuickBase if you need further help in completing this task.

Visit Become an Ishido wiki for details on completing your Ishido Application.

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