Apply to the Marketing Team

If you love to interact with clients and help them succeed with their marketing needs, be a part of a team with nice, down-to-earth team members, have fun while using your creativity to make quality newsletters, postcards, and send out cards, and many other projects - then the Marketing Team may be just what you are looking for!

Marketing is all about keeping the agent's name and message in front of as many potential clients as possible while also staying in touch with their current clients so they can continue to be their agent of choice and can obtain referrals from them. You can help make that happen!

The Marketing Team consists of specific roles, Marketing Assistants and Marketing Ishidos. Please review both areas to determine where you would fit best with the Marketing team.

Marketing Assistants are the first line of communication for the client and will manage and facilitate all of the clients marketing needs. Marketing assistants are well versed in real estate marketing and will utilize their expertise to grow and nurture the clients relationship with past, present and future clients. The main goal is to grow and build our clients business and assist them in meeting and exceeding their business needs. Marketing Assistants ensure that marketing work is completed in a timely manner and maintain professional and quality marketing material for clients.

Marketing Assistant Primary Tasks:

Review the following links for an in-depth look of what is completed for clients by the marketing assistants.

Marketing Assistant Qualifications:

We are looking for individuals with the following abilities:

  • COMMIT TO AT LEAST 10 HOURS PER WEEK. Maximum hours of work you are allowed to do each week is 25 hours.
  • Previous Marketing Experience in client newsletters, blogs, social media posting, postcards.
  • Ability to problem solve effectively on your own.
  • Outgoing and willing to take the initiative to follow up with the client in a timely manner.
  • Ability to answer all emails within 24 hours.
  • Self learner to become proficient in various marketing programs as needed.
  • Ability to follow protocols the team has in place for procedures.
  • Have a nice, clear phone voice and the ability to make client calls as needed with no background noise:
    • For every 10 hours of marketing work, 1 hour per month could include phone work.
  • Able to attend monthly Marketing Team calls.
  • Office package installed on your computer

To be considered for a position, you must follow the instructions exactly as they have been explained here.
The application process takes about 1 hour. If we like your application, you will be selected for a phone interview.

Sign up for our Recruit Email Series

  • Send a blank email
  • Subject: Applying for a closing position - How you heard about Lifebushido
    • Example - Applying for a closing position - Flexjobs

Create Lifebushido Job Application

Create QuickBase Account

Complete 1 Minute Voice Test:

  • Call 803-810-1573 and leave a 1 minute voice mail that includes the following
  • Your first name, last name, spelling of last name, city and state.
  • Current job situation – if you are currently working and time commitment to that position
  • How many hours are you looking to work with Lifebushido
  • How you heard about Lifebushido.
  • Why we should consider hiring you for a Marketing position.
  • Record the date and time of your Voice Test to include in the email below.

Complete personality profiles.

  • Send an email following these guidelines:
    • Subject: Applying for a Position on the Marketing Team at Lifebushido
    • Attach: Resume /Completed Lifebushido Application
    • Body of email - Copy the information below and paste it in your Apply email. Make sure to complete and answer all questions.

Interview Questions

  • Your Name:
  • Your Location and Timezone:
  • Your Phone:
  • Your Email:
  • Animal Test Results
  • Date & Time of Voice Test: include the phone number which was used for the Voice Test.

Lifebushido General Questions

  • What made you apply to Lifebushido and how did you find Lifebushido?
  • Do you have any other jobs outside Lifebushido?
  • If hired by a Team with Lifebushido, when are you available to commit to training?
  • Are you able to commit to the minimum required hours of 10 hours per week and the maximum weekly hours of 25 hours per week
  • When can you start work?

Marketing Specific Questions

  • Are you comfortable on the phone?
  • Do you have long distance?
  • Are you able to have phone calls during regular business hours?
  • Do you have Real Estate experience - if so how much and how long
  • Do you have Marketing experience? If so how much and how long
    • Include any experience in Real Estate Marketing and include any email marketing programs or mailing programs that you have worked with successfully
  • List any other marketing, graphics, or multi-media software installed on your computer.
  • Office package is a minimum, which version do you have? Any other marketing software installed on your computer.
  • If applicable, what other teams you have applied for.

Once you've completed the above tasks, you'll be contacted by the Marketing Team Leader for an interview. You will then begin the Marketing Testing phase, which you can find below.

Welcome to the Marketing Assistant Testing portion of the interview process. Below are the testing and training instructions. Please note to pay close attention to the instructions, as it is vital for Marketing Assistants to be able to complete work by use of website and written instructions. All testing and training below must be completed within specified timeframes in order to be assigned marketing work with Best Agent Business. *Note: You can complete all testing within one day of acceptance of the marketing testing if you'd like, but no longer than the timeframe specified under each test.

A note from a Marketing Mentor: When your test is complete, go back through your work and match it up to the requirements of the test. Each element needs to be present.

Plagiarism in any marketing work is not tolerated and will result in immediate failure of Marketing testing.

Letter Test

Write a one-page letter in professional letter format from a local agent in your selling area to a potential expired listing client. This tasks is billable for up to 1 hour and must be completed within 1 day of acceptance of marketing training. You will not be contacting agents or actually sending a letter for this activity. The objective is to create something that is “print-ready” - free from errors, properly formatted, with high-quality design/letterhead. Not to exceed one page

  • Use consistent contact info, formatting as it’s laid out on website.
  • Make it “mail ready” which means as PDF, one page and ready for me to print out and put in an envelope.
  • Must make me (as potential client) intrigued to call you.
  • Save as PDF and email to Marketing Team Leader
    • Use subject line: Marketing Testing - Letter - Your Name

Newsletter Test

Make a one page newsletter for a local agent (a real agent) in your selling area. Billable up to 2.5 hours and must be completed within 2 days of acceptance of marketing training.

  • Basic instructions can be found here: Client Marketing - Constant Contact Instructions
    • Use the instructions for creating an Email/ Newsletter/ Flyer
    • Login using the below credentials
  • Newsletter Requirements
    • Use the local agents website header within the newsletter (this is not a graphics test so do not spend a lot of time with this part).
    • Write at least 2 original introduction articles leading to current published articles.
    • Do not just cut and paste content from agent's website - plagiarism in any marketing work is not tolerated.
    • Post current listing
    • Add any other relevant info that you feel clients/SOI would be interested in
    • Make sure template colors match or compliment agents website.
  • When completed and ready to publish, send it via email to Marketing Team Leader
  • Use subject line: Marketing Testing - Newsletter - Your Name

Blog Test

Research a local real estate agent and write a blog post for them. Billable up to 1.5 hours and must be completed within 3 days of acceptance of marketing training.

  • Make sure the writing style matches the tempo of their website
  • Topics – Choose One:
    • Upcoming event (at least 3 weeks away)
    • Current Mortgage News
    • Home Owner Topic to help a seller or buyer
  • Blog Requirements
    • It needs to be upbeat - “now is a great time to be a first-time homeowner in Arlington, and here are some tips to know” type feel.
    • Use bolding to show positives.
    • You may use an already published article but DO NOT plagiarize. Rearrange the order, use a different format – for example, maybe put it side-by-side. It would should show the same topic but with a totally different feel from the agent. You wouldn't be able to say they were copied from each other
    • Use two inside webpage links in the blog leading back to the agent's website and supporting webpages and the last paragraph to the blog should sum up the article and give their team/contact info. You can use links within the body of the blog to other sites if necessary, but keep these limited to not dominate the links.
    • Editor must not have to rewrite or spend more than 15 minutes editing
    • One graphic/picture should be formatted to page – but must not be copywritten
    • Blog should be no less than 250 words of content and no more than 400 words
  • When completed, attach it as a Word .doc and send it to Marketing Team Leader
    • Use subject line: Marketing Testing - Blog - Your Name

Postcard Testing

Create postcard. Billable up to 1 hour and must be completed within 4 days of acceptance of marketing training.

  • Create a card, representative of what a real estate agent may send to prospective clients, curernt clients or past clients, and then upload to Send Out Cards.
  • Create a PicturePlus 2.0 card. This is where you will upload a card to SOC as many of the cards we use for clients are not in the system and you will create and then upload.
    • From the top menu bar, click Main Menu.
    • Main Menu → Create Campaign
    • Create New Campaign→ Name Your Campaign (Use your name, first and last)
    • Step 3 in Create New Campaign → Create a New Card For This Campaign
    • Give Your Card A Name → Use whatever you want here → Continue
    • You can create a new card from this screen or you can find the card you already worked on and select it
    • Select the card → Continue
    • At the Bottom of the Gift Screen→ No Thanks, Just a Card
    • From here, in the bottom right, “Save Card, Go Back to Campaigns”
  • Send completion email using subject line: Marketing Testing - Postcard - Your Name
  • Send to Marketing Team Leader

New Client Training

The Marketing trainer will send an email confirmation with the above graded tests - you must have completed and passed all above testing in order to move forward with the Marketing Training. You are unable to bill for training that does not receive a passing grade.

  • Wiki Review
  • Marketing Recruiting Plan
    • Listen to the following recorded Marketing call and take notes - billable for time of the call
    • Create a Marketing Recruiting Plan - billable up to 45 minutes
    • Refer to the following wiki for instructions Marketing Team - Client Procedures
    • Send completed Marketing plan using subject line: Marketing Testing - Plan - Your Name
    • Send to Marketing Team Leader

Assigned a Marketing Mentor

You will be assigned a Marketing Mentor after completing and passing the Marketing Testing. They will be your main point of contact and will guide you through Marketing processes.

The following outlines the role of a Marketing mentor and mentee:

  • Once you have completed Marketing Assistant training you must have a call with your mentor before working any clients assigned to you.
  • Your mentor is responsible for all of your work performed in Marketing
  • All email contact with client must be approved by your mentor prior to being sent
  • All Marketing Plans must be approved by mentor prior to being sent
  • You must reply immediately to mentors and maintain open communication with their mentors
  • Nonresponsive emails to mentors are unacceptable and could have you removed from the team
  • Nonresponsive emails from your mentor is unacceptable as well and should be forwarded to the TL.
  • Your mentor will determine when you are eligible to work solo
  • Your mentor will also determine your client workload based on your current abilities
  • All personalities and work habits are different if you feel you do not have a good rapport with your mentor please reach out to the TL.
  • Your mentor is here to help, ask questions, if you need additional training please let us know.
  • If you have an idea on improvements to the marketing training please let us know your ideas.
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