Goal Actions

Goal Actions in QuickBase is the application used by Lifebushido for invoicing and to receive payment for your completed billable Tasks.


  • Goal Actions are due weekly on Monday at noon ET for the previous week of work
  • Month end Goal actions must be entered by the 2nd of each month to get paid for the previous month.
  • A Goal Action may contain a single completed Task or multiple Tasks if all the required fields are the same. However, if any required field is different, you must create a separate Goal Action.
  • Goal Actions should be entered daily for best practice but at a minimum on a weekly basis, this is not the preferred method
  • Team Leaders have outlined the maximum amount you can bill for a task - keep in mind these amounts are set for maximum time and allow for learning curves but once you have the rhythm of these tasks you will normally complete the tasks in less than the maximum time allotted.
  • Tasks should be billed for the amount of time it takes to complete a task - but no more than the maximum billable time unless approved by your Team Leader
  • Billing for tasks is on the honor system - if this action is not entered honorably you may be asked to leave Lifebushido
  • For more detailed instructions on adding future Action Goals or if you have questions, visit Payroll

Tracking your Time

The Goal Action application is only used to enter the time you will be billing Lifebushido, you will need to ensure that to setup a system to track the time you commit to your work within Lifebushido. Here are some ideas of how we track our time internally.

  • Log your time on a piece of paper with the time specifications you spent on a task - remember most teams will have an allowable amount fo time to bill fo tasks we as that you bill the amount of time is takes but you are not permitted to bill more than the allowable time
  • We bill for the week and time should be entered daily to ensure that your time is uploaded
  • Follow the format for your first goal action to help you understand how to bill - please also note that each team will have a billing format for you to use
    • Example of tracking time
    • Date - Monday through Fridays Date
    • Work Type -Organize your time by the work type and notate the task you completed along with the time it took to complete
      • 10/1 to 10/2
        • Mentoring - Call with mentor - 30 minutes / 10 emails - 10
          • Total mentoring time - 40 minutes
        • Lifebushido - Monthly Ishido Rating - 5 / Updated Ishido Db - 5 / Updated Schedule DB -10
          • Total LB time - 20 minutes
        • Key Assistant - Client name - Ka Call 15 / Completed Agenda - 10 / Updated DB - 20 / Emails -20
          • Total KA time - 65 minutes
  • Ishido use spreadsheets/ pen and paper - please note that we ask for you to keep track of your time so that in the event of a billing audit you may need to show your work
  • Emails are billable for 1 minute - and must be broken into the work type they are committed to - best practice is to file emails in folders and use the search feature to tally your weekly emails.

Calculating your time

  • Time is billable in minute increments.
  • The table below is an example of 5 minute increments and the time calculations used in QuickBase.
  • You can use a calculator and take your minutes divided by 60 to figure your time. (Example: 5/60 = 0.08)
  • Online Conversion is a free online conversion tool.
Time Worked Calculated Time for QB Time WorkedCalculated time fro QBTime WorkedCalculated time for QB
5 5/60 .08 25 25/60 .42 45 45/60 .75
10 10/60 .17 30 30/60 .50 50 50/60 .83
15 15/60 .25 35 35/60 .58 55 55/60 .92
20 20/60 .33 40 40/60 .67 60 60/60 1

Adding a Goal Action

QuickBase Field Descriptions

Be sure to utilize all fields that are relevant to the task you are completing - note *A red asterisk next to a field donates that the field is required to be completed

  • Person: Person that completed the task
    • Select your Name from the drop down menu.
  • Business: Business you are billing work to
    • Use Lifebushido for non-client related work. - Internal accounting / Recruiting / Training / Learning
    • Use REB for client related work. Almost all Goal Actions are REB (Real Estate Business). Use Lifebushido as Business for internal accounting or recruiting tasks.
  • Status: Status of the task
    • Completed status is required for a task to be paid
    • Paid - notates a task that you have billed and have been paid for
  • Client: Client you completed work for
    • Select Client from drop down menu list.
      • If you do not see the Client’s name you are looking for, email Payroll.
      • Enter Lifebushido if it is internal work.
  • Work Type: Select the type of work for the task you competed
    • Ask your mentor if unsure. Be as specific as possible.
    • Each Team has a further definition of items under which Work Types are categorized, so ask if not clear.
  • Manager: Team Leader / Mentor the team you are completing the task for
    • Select the appropriate TL / Mentor from the drop down menu. This field must be completed with a proper Manager and never yourself. Audit checks are reviewed and Managers review all entries in addition to Accounting.
    • If you work on multiple teams make sure to notate the proper Manager for tasks you are billing for
  • Description - Additional detail about the task you are billing for, many Teams have this field outlined for the common tasks completed for their teams
  • Details: Outline of the tasks you are billing for with amount of time it took to complete each task
    • If there are multiple tasks outline each tasks and time the task took you by minutes
      • 57 Emails - 57
      • Call with Client / Team Leader / Mentor / - 30
      • Completed Agenda for client - 15
      • Updated Database - 10
        • NOTE-
          • emails are to be billed at 1 minute per email
          • LB calls should never go over 30 minutes
          • Remember to bill for the amount of time that a task took you up to the maximum time - you are not permitted to bill for a task above the billable time unless approved in advance from yor TL
  • Details Website: - Only used by the Marketing team
  • Date Started: - Date you started the task
    • Use format MM-DD-YYYY – Must follow US format. Click on calendar icon to select date or enter it manually.
  • Hours Worked:
    • The total time or number of hours worked.
  • Date Completed: Date you completed the task
    • Use format MM-DD-YYYY – Must follow US format. Click on calendar icon to select date or enter it manually.
  • Quantity:
    • For items which involve a quantity, like data entry, emailing leads, making calls, and other items – you must enter Quantity field so we can compare productivity of number per hour. If you fail to enter Quantity field, the Goal Action will be changed from Completed to Accepted for you to update and you will have to wait one month for payment on the work performed.
  • Project: Optional. This field is not currently used.
  • Document: Optional. This field is not currently used.
  • Knowledgebase: Optional. This field is not currently used.

Finding Your Records

Copy A Record

To enter a GA with the same prefilled properties

  • View the record you want to copy.
  • On the Page bar, click the More > Copy this record.
  • The Add Record page appears with fields prefilled.
  • Make the necessary changes, and then click Save.
  • The new record is now displayed.
  • Continue from step 2 of this procedure if you want to keep copying records.
  • If you ever have a question/concern about time-billing by any other Ishido, you should raise the issue immediately with Steve
  • If you discover you made a mistake on goal actions and were overpaid/underpaid on an item, contact Payroll for guidance at payroll@lifebushido.com. If asked to enter an adjustment, use the following: To reverse hours, enter a Goal Action:
    • Person: Your Name
    • Business: REB
    • Status: Completed
    • Client: Enter who should get the credit (this should match the client that was billed incorrectly)
    • Work Type: Credit Adjustment Hours
    • Manager: CSTL
    • Description - Month Credit - Client Name
    • Details - Reason for the adjustment
    • Hours - Enter a (-) amount
    • Completed - Todays date
  • After the correction is made, the Ishido should then email individually from goal actions to themselves and then forward email to:
    • accounting@bestagentbusiness.com ,
    • cc Team Leader and mentor if one is assigned as
    • Subject: Priority - Client Services - Credit Adjustment - Your Name
  • DO NOT email direct from goal actions, it will not work properly.

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