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   * [[https://​lifebushido.quickbase.com/​db/​bbc26uhd3?​a=nwr|Upload your resume and information to QuickBase]]   * [[https://​lifebushido.quickbase.com/​db/​bbc26uhd3?​a=nwr|Upload your resume and information to QuickBase]]
-<​badge>​3</​badge>​ Take 1 minute to schedule Lead Management testing with a Global Mentor. 
- <​form>​ 
-Action mail talent@lifebushido.com 
-subject "​Lifebushido Global Application - Lead Management Testing - @@Your Name@@ - @@Your Location@@"​ 
-Thanks "Thank you for submitting your Global application to Lifebushido. A Global Mentor will be contacting you shortly to schedule your Lead Management tests. If you have any questions please contact talent@lifebushido.com"​ 
-fieldset "Lead Management Testing"​ 
-textbox ​  "​Your Name" 
-textbox ​  "​Your Location"​ 
-email "Your E-Mail Address"​ 
-textbox "Do you have experience working with CRMs and databases?"​ 
-textbox "Do you have experience working with and editing wikis?"​ 
-textbox "Do you have experience working with data in Excel?"​ 
-textbox "What days are you available to complete tests within the next week?" ​ 
-fieldset ​ ""​ 
-submit "​Submit"​ 
-<​badge>​4</​badge>​ Join a Triangle 
-  * [[:​lifebushido_recruiting:​triangles:​home|Join a Lifebushido Triangle]] 
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