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 +====== Apply as a Key Assistant ======
 +===== Overview =====
 +Key Assistants (also known as KA's) are known as the "​face"​ of the company. Although your client(s) may never actually see your face, you will be their "go to" person for all needs and wants within the company. The main duties of a Key Assistant are to speak with each of their clients at least once per week, update weekly client agendas, maintain client budgets and delegate the client'​s work to the correct team within Best Agent Business. We ensure deadlines are met, work is satisfactory and that the client is happy! Key Assistants play a very important role in helping our clients understand Best Agent Business as a whole and exactly how each of our various teams work.\\
 +As with all jobs within Lifebushido,​ the Key Assistant role is flexible. However, since Key Assistant'​s work directly with the client it is essential that you are available during normal business hours (8:00 - 5:00 EST). We normally recommend either a chunk of hours (for example 8:​00-1:​00/​9:​00-2:​00) OR a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon. With this being said, we do not typically hire individuals that have full-time jobs or those that are full-time students if they are not available to the extent that they can maintain flexible hours. Also, although we are a "​family friendly"​ company you will need to have a completely noise-free background during ALL of your calls with clients in order to maintain professionalism.\\
 +Key Assistants work a minimum of 15 to 25 hours, but no more than 25 hours per week depending on the number of clients they have. Key Assistant compensation starts at $10.00 an hour with target of $15.00 an hour or more after one year with base + bonus pay structure.\\
 +Training - first 2-3 months is exposure to all parts of company including Customer Service Calling, Marketing, Real Estate, Lead/​Database Mgt. Usual path is starting 5 hours per week and growing 5 to 10 to 15 to 20 hours with about 15 hours calling and 5 hours non-calling and then as shifted to KA becomes typical 20 hours non-calling and 5 hours calling.
 +===== Key Assistant Requirements =====
 +  * Outgoing and friendly personality
 +  * Strong organizational skills
 +  * Determined
 +  * Diplomatic
 +  * Persuasive
 +  * Tactful
 +  * Independent
 +  * Resourceful
 +  * Patience
 +  * Motivated
 +  * Self-starter and Go-Getter
 +  * Persistence
 +  * The ability to deal with many different personality types
 +  * Excellent verbal and written communication skills
 +  * Follows directions, policies and procedures
 +  * Problem solver
 +  * Enjoys helping others
 +  * Works well with both clients and fellow Ishidos
 +If you feel that you would be a good fit for our Team and are ready to have a fun and exciting job that will keep you engaged and on your toes, send in your application following the steps below. We look forward to hearing from you!
 +<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​f1c40f>​GLOBALS</​font><​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​f1c40f>​-</​font>​Thank you for your interest in the Key Assistant position. It is required that any global must achieve 100 hours before applying for the position. If you are interested and have worked the required 100 hours, it is mandatory that you have international calling and a clear phone voice.
 +===== Apply as a Key Assistant =====
 +**Complete the form below to apply to our Key Assistant Team.**
 +Action mail talent@lifebushido.com
 +subject "​Lifebushido Job Application - @@Your Name@@ - Applying for a Position on the Key Assistant Team at Lifebushido"​
 +Thanks "Thank you for submitting your application to Lifebushido. A Key Assistant Team Leader will be contacting you shortly."​
 +fieldset ​ "Key Assistant Team Questions" ​
 +textbox ​  "​Your Name"
 +textbox ​  "​Your Location"​
 +textbox ​  "​Your Time Zone"
 +textbox "Your Phone" ​
 +email "Your E-Mail Address"​
 +textarea "Out of 100%, what percent of the time are you likely to be a leader and what percent are you likely to be a follower?"​
 +textarea "What is it that interests you in the Key Assistant Position?"​
 +textarea "Are you able to use the phone during business hours with a noise-free background?"​
 +textarea "What unique talent/​skill do you think you have that will assist you in being a successful Key Assistant?"​
 +fieldset ​ ""​
 +submit "​Submit"​
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